Website Maintenance

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Ongoing maintenance is not included with the purchase of a new website. And yet websites are very complicated items, with many bits of code interacting with other code all the time. Unless your website is monitored on a regular monthly basis it will almost certainly be hacked, or break. It could be not working even though everything looks fine. If this happens you will be losing business.

Unfortunately we’ve had clients’ websites that stopped working without them being aware of the problem. One time a client’s website was broken for 6 months! Who knows how much business they lost in that time? The hosting company didn’t know why. Although you’d think it would be their fault they wouldn’t admit to anything. If you subscribe to our highly efficient Website Maintenance package this problem will never happen to you.

Hackers Love Websites With Old Code

Hackers have computer programs that constantly search the internet for websites that have not been updated, because it means they’ve been built with old code. Old code is much easier to break into. A hacker can install malware that illegally gathers personal information from all of your website visitors. Hackers can replace the photos on your website with pornographic photos. Really, they can do just about anything they want.

Don’t leave yourself open to this kind of unnecessary disaster. The way to avoid it is to take advantage of our inexpensive Website Maintenance package. Normally I don’t like to be so dramatic, but in this case the consequences can be terrible, and it’s completely avoidable.

Please understand that we cannot be responsible for the ongoing functioning of your website if you haven’t purchased our Website Maintenance Package. It’s well worth the money. If a hacker gets into your website it could cost you hundreds to fix and thousands of dollars in lost business. Think of Website Maintenance as inexpensive insurance to make sure your money-making website is always working.

Ensure the Safety of your Website and Customers’ Personal Information

We highly recommend our Website Maintenance package for only $99 per month per website. For that price we do all this every month:

  1. Ensure your website is regularly updated to the latest version of WordPress to ensure hackers cannot get in, take control, and hold your website files for ransom until you pay them hundreds or thousands of dollars.
  2. Check every link on your website every month to ensure none are broken. And we fix the broken ones.
  3. Check the contact forms on your website every month.
  4. Ensure all your WordPress plugins are updated, and haven’t caused problems with your WordPress theme update.
  5. Ensure your website hosting and domain name are renewed on time, so your website does not go down.
  6. Ensure there is always a current backup of your website, so if anything does go wrong it can be fixed easily.

Safeguard your website with our Website Maintenance package today. Simply call our Vancouver office 604-261-6544 or use the short form below.