[Infographic] 4 Timeless Real Estate Investing Strategies

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The real estate market has always been a lucrative avenue for investment, but a lot of people hold that notion that it is way too complicated and risky, which discourages them from getting into it.

Fortunately, a real estate company Sell My House Fast Houston Offer Climb and Sell My House Fast Phoenix Offer Climb has created an infographic specifically for newbies who want to get into the business. The easy-to-understand guide called “4 Real Estate Investment Strategies For New Investors” breaks down the 4 most popular strategies in real estate investing and makes it as simple as possible, as easy as following a recipe in fact.

The infographic, and other guides on real estate and related topics can also be found on their blog.

Real Estate Investing

8 Easy Steps to Guarantee Profit from Your New Website

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Are you starting a new business, building a new website, or know somebody who is? The simple steps in this article will ensure it makes money. One less thing to worry about.

Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) starts long before you build your website. Your first decision is how you’re going to get prospects to see it. Unless you’re going to advertise exclusively with pay per click ads you need to optimize your website for top rankings on Google organic. That’s SEO.

These 8 steps will ensure your new website makes you money:

1. Choose a Target Market for Profit

  • Smaller Is Better – A counter-intuitive point is that the more narrow focus you have with your target market the better. The internet is so huge there will still be more than enough people interested in your products to make you successful.

    Another reason to choose a small niche is that unless you have a huge marketing budget you won’t be able to complete with the big companies who have websites at the top of Google organic search now.
  • You Need “Buyers” – Your target market should already be spending money on what you want to sell them, so they’re already buying what you’re selling. Creating demand for a new product or service is much harder. It takes longer, is more expensive, and there’s always a chance they won’t be at all interested.
  • Build a Persona – Find out as much as you can about your prospects. Is there a forum for those products or services, or a social media group you can join? Does your competition have a blog where customers have left comments? It’s good to learn your prospects’ demographics, job status, what social media they use, places they visit, magazines they read, even their views on current events if you can. The more you know about them the better.
  • The Money Is In Their Pain – Find a problem they have that your products or services can solve. What keeps your prospects awake at night? Figure out how your product or service takes away their pain, or gives them something they want, such as to feel important, get a promotion, lose weight, gain more freedom, more love, etc.
  • Unique Value Proposition – Then it’s good to come up with a reason why your target market should buy from you, rather than anyone else. If you’re not better than your competition you must be different. Talk about those differences. This is sometimes called Unique Selling Proposition or USP.

2. Create Website Content for Google Rankings – Then you create a great deal of content with solutions to your niche’s pain, so Google sees your website as an authority in that. If you can it’s good to have something like an interactive questionnaire that provides instant gratification. They will share it on social media, and it will keep them on your website longer. Website engagement and length of stay on your website are important Google ranking factors. Social shares are also a factor.

  • One Caveat – Add Content Slowly – Google likes to see things happen naturally. If you add 20 pages of great content to your website on the same day they’ll know you have professionals working for you and they’ll delay giving you top rankings. It’s better to add a few pages a month.

3. Harvest Prospect Emails – Then it’s good to develop a Lead Magnet to collect prospects’ email addresses. Even though email marketing has been around a long time it still has the greatest ROI. If you’re going to convert prospects to customers you need to communicate with them.

Your Lead Magnet could be a discounted product, a free webinar, or a “How to” article that gives your niche some of the solutions to their pain. You don’t have to give away the farm, but you do need to provide real value over time. It will take some people longer to trust you than others.

4. It’s All About Trust – Your homepage should have as many Trust Signals as you can muster, a testimonial(video testimonials are the best), awards, credentials, industry associations you belong to, SSL Certificate, everything you’ve got. You need to show prospects you are real, that you will actually deliver what you promise and provide great value.

It helps to have a Money-Back Guarantee. Even if you’re selling something like a course or training it’s important. Some people will cheat you, but the extra sales you get from reassuring good people their money is safe will be more than worth it.

5. Now The SEO – After the website is built you optimise every page for your main keyword phrase, as well as related keyword phrases from Google suggest at the bottom of the search results page. If the page content is long, and the longer the better, it’s good to include your keyword phrase at the beginning of your Title Tag, in the url, in your Description Tag, in the first ALT tag, the headline of the page, the first 100 words, the last 100 words, and only occasionally in the text.

If the above list is too many times for your short page content don’t include them all. Be careful to only put your keyword phrase in enough times so Google will know what the article is about. If you put it in too many times Google will penalize your rankings.

6. Easy Backlinks – Links on good quality websites that have content relating to your content, are Google’s second most important organic ranking criteria. Massively important. It’s good to make a list of your suppliers, friends, relatives, local charities you’ve donated to, clubs you’ve been involved in, and ask them to put a link on their website that would take people to your website when clicked. You may need to offer them something they want.

For example, it’s good to provide a scholarship to a local school. They will put a link on their website to the page on your website where students fill out the application form.

7. Counter-Intuitive Backlinks – Most of your backlinks will come from content you write that is not targeted to your customers. It needs to interest the websites in your industry who give links to other websites. Then you show them your content improves the value of their website. It takes time and work, but it’s the art and science of great SEO. It needs to be done on an ongoing monthly basis.

8. Make Money With Social Media – Then you need to find one social media platform your prospects are using and contribute to it daily. It’s good to answer their questions for a few months without ever trying to sell anything. Then offer something free to get them to your website.

Ken Lapp, the President of Standard Marketing Ltd, has been building websites that make money for all types of industries since 1999, and working in marketing since the 1970’s. For answers to any questions about internet marketing or marketing in general, contact him at www.standardmarketing.com/contact-us.

Increase in “Near Me” Google Searches Makes Local SEO Critical

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Google handles billions of searches per day worldwide. These days, the majority of them will be coming from mobile users. These users look to their phones for immediate answers to their problems, something Google refers to as a “micro-moment” of need.  

In the case of finding local goods and services, search users will frequently signal their intent to visit a physical location by searching for a specific business “near me,” such as the query: “transmission repair near me.”  

These “___ near me” searches have exploded in recent years, and five times more of them happen on mobile devices compared to desktop computers, meaning people are already in their cars or on-the-go when they search. Only a small percentage of these searches result in clicks, but they can easily translate to an in-store visit and a customer transaction.

Put together, the “near me” search trend is a driving force for local business revenue, one that means small businesses must have local SEO strategies in place if they want to capture customers near them quite literally searching for a place to spend their money.

What Happens When Someone Searches for a Local Business

When looking for a local business, very few customers need to see a full website. What they actually want is the most pertinent information: store hours, location, and business offerings — like whether or not you offer specific services. 

As an example of specific service, someone may not be just searching for “bakery near me,” but may also add the qualifier “gluten-free bakery near me.” This query can absolutely pull up a bakery that is 100 percent gluten-free, but smaller bakeries — and places like grocery stores that sell some baked goods — can still rank for these searches if they include the relevant keywords on their website.

After searching for a query like “gluten free bakery near me,” the search user will be looking for a few things: 

  • Whether the store will be open during their intended time to visit
  • A phone number to possibly contact the location
  • An indication that the location can fulfill their specific need, in this case some indication in the page’s title tag, meta description or text snippet that they offer gluten-free baked goods of some sort
  • Google reviews, indicating the quality of the business
  • Whether any of the business listings stand out from others, especially in terms of reviews 

Quite often, someone will be able to glean all of this information from the search engine results page (SERP) and then close out the tab or go to a phone call without ever clicking on the business’s website.  

But, counter-intuitively, these businesses need to optimize their website in order to make their local SEO strategy work. Optimized websites will allow Google to present all of the information a customer needs and help that business win a customer over their competition. So, even if few people click on your website, how you optimize it can win you local business directly from the SERP.

How Your Business Can Rank for “___ Near Me Searches” Using Local SEO

Ranking for “___ near me” searches requires a few SEO best practices:

  • The proper schema markup on your “About Us” page, which can allow Google to quickly and accurately fetch your business name, address and phone number information
  • An updated, accurate Google My Business profile with your main business website listed
  • Keyword optimized, locally focused pages — or even separate websites — for each of your locations; try to use the specific neighbourhood for each location rather than a general region like “metro Vancouver”
  • An online review strategy in place to increase the quantity and quality of customer reviews
  • Consistent content publishing using optimized keywords, such as “gluten-free bakery in Yaletown”
  • Diligent monitoring of your key digital marketing metrics as well as your current ranking compared to competition

Many small business owners do not have the time or expertise to handle all of these tasks and excel at them. If they want to improve their digital marketing efforts and ensure they can win consistent business through local mobile searches, they can look to an expert local SEO marketing company to develop a winning strategy. Then, when people search for a business like yours near them, you will be the best one that they see!

Using Social Media to Boost Word of Mouth Marketing

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Word-of-mouth marketing remains a powerful force in encouraging sales for your business, but the rules of the game have changed now that social media is such a big component of the referral scene. According to RetailWire, 71 percent of consumers say that they are more likely to purchase a product that has been recommended on social media.

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What To Do If Your Website Designer Is Not Playing Fair

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Hopefully your mother told you that not every business person has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and that some of the ones who don’t might not always do the honorable thing. We’ve all heard of nightmare situations where a website designer starts to demand unreasonable payments for services, or their service is not good, or it even happens sometimes that a designer will disappear off the face of the earth and you never hear from them again.

Standard Marketing builds a lot of high quality websites, and we’ve helped many clients who’ve had trouble with their designer before they came to us. If something like that happens to you it’s important that you take control of your website and domain name in order to safeguard your website.

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How to Create an Email Marketing Campaign

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An email campaign offers a ton of potential for marketers in this digital age. More importantly, when done in its most effective way, the strategy can provide any type of businesses with a lasting digital marketing solution that they crave for. Something which doesn’t only boast an encouraging success rate, but also remarkable cost-efficiency. Furthermore, once it’s all set up, you can start spreading the word about your products and services right away to what’s essentially an infinite amount of prospects online. There’s no trouble in setting it up, too. In fact, you can conveniently learn the ropes through this email marketing platform in Canada. Yes, just like that.

Now for some crucial tips on how you’ll craft your whole mailing strategy, check out these basic things you need in order to ensure that you’re taking full-advantage of what email marketing can bring to the table.

Determine your target market and your email’s purpose

There’s no better way to get things going than by finding yourself a subscription list full of people who are most inclined to answer your call. It’s exactly why email marketing often receives really positive conversion rates. Because you have a chance to take control of what comes out and where its goes, which then allows you to save as much time and resources as you can, while maximizing your returns. Though, remember, before you take your chances elsewhere, give your existing customers some love by providing timely updates and promotions. After all, it’s always easier to keep your existing clients than create new ones.

Create a really good template

Short and sweet, that’s how I personally prefer to receive in my electronic letters. In fact, one of the things you have to keep in mind is that people won’t spend a ton of seconds navigating through all the little details in each of their emails. This is why infographics are highly suggested nowadays, or at the very least, a compressed message with an eye-catching hook that will instantly allow you to get your recipient’s attention. A good template also features quick access links that people can immediately use or perhaps get back to later on.

Setting up your trackers

Another notable thing that email marketing brings to your business is data. It’s natural for companies to milk as much data as they could, because all of that can be used on a later date. That’s why acquiring a reliable tracker, which normally comes with many email marketing platforms, is something that you should definitely consider early on. This will also greatly help you determine what works and what doesn’t, when you’re ready to send your succeeding messages.

Email marketing is a very effective way to drive traffic to your site and increase sales. So what are you waiting for? Set up your own email marketing campaign with the help of an email marketing platform and start sending newsletters, promotional emails, exclusive deals, or get feedback and more!

5 Ways to Improve Internet Marketing Results

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Internet marketing is a tricky field that is constantly changing. It seems like every day there’s a new social media or search engine algorithm, a new strategy that has to be adopted to try to stay ahead of the curve. Despite their best efforts, many businesses fail to see the results they’d like to from their strategies. Taking the right steps can turn your content efforts around dramatically. Here are five ways you can improve the results of your internet marketing for small business.

Focus on Lead Generation

Blogs and articles are important for what they are, but direct sales aren’t a solid indicator of success. The content you use is there to engage with clients and build loyalty and trust. Build in secondary calls to action within your content and urge visitors to come back. Set up a mailing list; email is still, even after all this time, the most effective form of online marketing. Shift your focus to getting leads and repeat visitors instead of direct sales.

Search Engine Optimization

Many people are tired of hearing the term “SEO” in conjunction with internet marketing for small business, but it is and will most likely remain essential to your efforts. Search engines are what drive most of your traffic, and Google traffic generates repeat business. Make sure that your content is diagnosed and optimized by a professional SEO company.

Social Media

Social media is a vital aspect of online marketing. It is a ready source of traffic that doesn’t cost you a dime to access. It can be tricky to create solid content that gets shared across multiple platforms but a focus on infographics and graphical quotes is a great way to start. If you can create a meme, your name will be everywhere.

Support a Cause

Attaching your business to a cause is a great way to get your name out. All of those who support the cause will be inclined to support your business as well. If nothing else, people who are supporters will see your name and logo attached to the effort, allowing you to piggyback on their marketing as well.

Get on the Video Wagon

Videos are everything these days. Companies can have excellent Internet marketing strategies, but without using videos to engage potential clients, they fall far behind the curve. Video hosting services make up a great deal of social media these days. Get on the video wagon and improve your marketing results extensively.

Internet Marketing for Small Business

Few small businesses have the extra time to make the most out of their online marketing efforts. In order to take your business to the next level, it can be a big help to bring in the services of a professional internet marketing firm. If you’re looking to increase leads and improve results, check out our online marketing services and get in touch for more information, today!

Internet Marketing Tips to Make the Most of the Holiday Season

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The holidays are upon us, and they are always a special time for families, communities and the local businesses that serve as members of both.

Business owners can use this fact along with the unique thematic elements of the Holidays to craft special, attention-grabbing internet marketing for small business campaigns. To make the most of the seasonal spirit while also using digital marketing best practices, you can try the following Holiday marketing campaign suggestions:
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Boost Your Local SEO with Online Reviews

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Everyone loves getting a compliment now and again, but positive online reviews can mean a whole lot more than blushing cheeks. They can actually help your business stand out online for several reasons. Online reviews on sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor and especially Google can serve as important ranking signals for search engine algorithms. Google My Business page ratings in particular carry a lot of weight. Local businesses with top-rated reviews in their respective category or niche will almost always win out in Google local search results.

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Making Your Online Campaign Feel More Personal

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One of the biggest disadvantages of promoting your small business through an internet marketing campaign is that they can often feel impersonal, and nothing turns off potential customers quicker than feeling like they are being sold a line. Fortunately, by employing a deft touch, it’s very easy to make your online marketing strategy feel personal, like you’re actually trying to have a relationship with your customers instead of only trying to sell something to them. Keep reading to learn some strategies for personalizing your internet marketing campaign, and learn why you should hire a firm for internet marketing for small business.

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