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We’re actually more than an internet marketing agency, we’re a marketing agency that also does a lot of internet marketing. For 20 years I worked directly in newspaper, billboards, direct mail, and TV, with clients such as Eaton’s, The Bay, and Army & Navy Department Stores. I published a tourist magazine for the Government of BC that went around the world. I set up and managed an in-house advertising agency with national accreditation for a large retailer in Vancouver. I’ve done Planning and Media Buying for every kind of advertising and marketing medium.

In 1999 I developed my first website and got it on page one of Google. At that time I was working from my home office in Kitsilano. In those days I designed and built all of our websites and my customers were very happy. We still get referrals from many of those clients.

Now we have a very professional team helping a large number of clients make more money from their website. You’ll always know what’s going on and always retain control, and we’ll be doing the day-to-day work in a highly professional and effective manner. We specialize in getting quality traffic to your website, and making your website so they contact you.

We Wrote The Book On How To Make Money From Your Website

SOLD-3DI recently started a company that specializes in Internet Marketing for Real Estate agents, called Top Agent Internet Marketing Inc. And I wrote a book about how the internet has made making money from your website easier than ever. Although the book is targeted at real estate agents, the SEO principles are the same for any small / medium-sized business. You can see the website at this link – www.TopAgentInternetMarketing.com. The book was a Number One BestSeller on Amazon in 3 different categories.

We speak in language you can understand and are always happy to explain what we’re doing and why. We’re about more than just getting you high rankings on Google. We’re about making sure you make as much profit as possible from your internet marketing. Nobody delivers better value and service.

– Thanks for your interest in our company.
    Ken Lapp

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