The Latest Web Design Trends

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Web design seems to be constantly shifting and changing as professionals and Internet marketing firms look for the best, most efficient way of advertising their clients’ businesses, managing online reputations and engaging the best strategies for search engine optimization. Every web designer and internet marketer has to be at the top of their game and well versed in the latest trends. Here are the latest web design trends that you need to be aware of in the coming year.

UI Patterns

Responsive design has been an issue for several years now. This means that your website must use a design scheme that allows it to look and work the same no matter what platform it is viewed upon. This means that it has to be fully functional on a tablet, smartphone or computer, and that isn’t as easy as it might seem.

Responsive design has created a booming market of template-based user interfaces (UI patterns) that tend to make many sites look the same. It’s hard to stand out in this climate. Still, that’s not necessarily bad. When sites look similar, they are easier and more intuitive to use. You may not want to shy away from template-based web design.

Account Registration

More and more sites are requiring registration to access their full features. This could be through a form or a button that allows connecting to a social media account like Facebook. This is useful because it allows you to build a database of potential clients and contacts. The trick is to make such registration intuitive and unobtrusive. The more invasive or time-consuming it seems, the more counterproductive for you it becomes.

Long Scrolling

Long scrolling is no longer a faux-pas. Indeed, in this day and age, it’s expected, and it can be a very useful way to create a visually engaging site that uses images, graphics and section breaks to mimic a multi-page design without users having to click through a series of links. It allows all of the information to be right there in one place, saving the user from having to remember what page on which they saw item X.

Pinterest-Style Layouts

Layouts that use frames called “cards” are growing in popularity, largely due to sites like Pinterest. Even Microsoft adopted the style for their “Metro UI” interface. This kind of layout is highly customizable and allows graphical representation of information in easy-to-digest chunks. It also looks very modern and cool.

Eye-Catching Imagery

Large, high-def and eye-catching imagery at the top of every page is now almost a must. Facebook adopted the standard a couple years back, calling it a “Cover Photo,” and websites all over the web are using it as well—it’s become a part of that template-based UI pattern, and for good reason. It grabs the user right from the start.

These are just a few of the new web trends to watch out for in the coming year. If you would like help with your Internet marketing strategy, read up on our services, and get in touch with us for answers to all of your questions today.