How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page Simply Step-by-step

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A Facebook page is excellent way to engage potential clients, build brand loyalty with existing clients, as well as provide additional marketing opportunities for your company at a low cost. Have you you been wondering how you can create a Facebook page for your company? Have you ever wondered if this actually has a real effect on search engine rankings? This article will help answer these questions, as well as provide many more valuable tips.

Small Business Series: Facebook Marketing

Before you invest time in creating a Facebook company presence answer these questions:

  • Are your Customers on Facebook? (if your potential customers are there then do it asap)
  • Who will manage the page? Employee or Contractor. (if you have a designated personable employee that can manage the page then this is best)
  • How much time to manage page? (The time involved is letting someone who has a vested interest in the success of your company regularly administrating your page and representing your company online.

These points will help you answer and develop your Facebook presence and marketing strategy. Now having said that… here’s the simple steps to get your company on Facebook.

Facebook business pages—What are Facebook Pages?

A Facebook page (aka “Fan page”) is a page on Facebook that represents your business to the Facebook community of 500 million and growing users. There’s a good chance that your customers are already on Facebook, “Liking”, sharing and posting comments about what happens in their day to day lives. You can get in on the conversation and make recommendations to influence their purchasing choices—or just to be noticed. The more people see that your committed to being social, the more aware they become of you business. After all you are on Facebook and share that in common with them, giving them a reason to like your page.

What do I need to get started?

Have this information ready:

  • You must already have a Facebook Personal Profile. If not go set one up here
  • Your Facebook business page will be associated with a Facebook Personal Profile. If this is your hard working business that you built from the ground up – then associate with your profile – not an intern or temporary worker.
  • Have your business information a,  company photos awards in digital format on your personal computer organized folder.
  • Choose a name For you Company page. One that customers will recognize or can do with a simple search of Facebook.
  • Search Facebook For your Competitors and see what they’re  doing, look for ways that are to your advantage

How Do I do It?

1) Choose A Category

Choose from the types of Business categories that most closely and honestly match your business.

If you are local brick and mortar type of business like a restaurant/bar/salon etc., then, you’ll want to create a “Local Business or Place” when choosing a category. Then customers will be able to check in with their smart phone (ex. iPhone, Blackberry, etc) and share with all their friends messages about you.

2) Upload Pictures

You’ll have the option to upload pictures during the setup. Choose images that best represent your business visually. As mentioned in ” What do I need to get started?” , it’s best to have all your images ready in a folder so you can easily find them. Choose a picture that can be your logo. It will appear on all your posts and will be smaller so it should be clear and memorable.

3) Add Your Business Information:

Add your physical address as it is exactly on your Website and complete the  “About” section with readable content being sure to include keywords that are searchable on Facebook. These would be search related terms that people would search in Google to find you. These keywords can be found on you website homepage; or  in your TITLE tags. This is very important, because Facebook is searchable and indexed by Google, so you want your Facebook Company page to be associated with the same terms, and keywords that people who use to find you in search engines.

In general it’s best not to rushed as I mentioned earlier so you can fill in all the fields with keyword rich information about your company, services and products. The more information  and complete your company profile – the better potential traffic to your page.

Optional: Add an application that enhances your page. As an optional step, you can add many different plug and play applications like VISA and Storefront ecommerce functions (like shopping carts) that will enhance your Facebook page. But you can always add this alter when you are more familiar with your needs. Almost ready to Publish…

4) Publish Your Page

You’re on the verge of a whole new world and way of thinking about prospecting for customers….Now that your all set and very patiently came this far – go ahead and click “Publish this Page” This will make a dedicated page available to the  500 million people and a launching page to get more followers and LIKEs.

Now What?

Why did I do all this and now what?

Two words are becoming more and more important to the success of Local Business and those words are “Location Marketing“. Location Marketing is the ability to be found when and where potential customers are searching for you. Social Media sites like Facebook and search leader Google have invested heavily in developing these technologies, and so should you. Facebook is now available on certain new model TV’s and it isn’t going away, it’s time to move on to the next article, Small Business Series: How to Grow your Facebook Fans 10 ways to get more Facebook Fans – Simply step by-step (COMING SOON!)

Your now prepared and ready to create you’re small business Facebook page so go get yours here…

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