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Before you charge into action you need to know which way to go. See our Strategy page “8 Steps to Guarantee Your Website Makes Money“. First we audit your website, and send it to you. The last audit we did was 21 pages. Then after consultation with you we plan a Strategy that will accomplish your goals, and send that to you as well.

We increase the traffic to your website by getting it to the top of Google organic search results, and with Remarketing pay-per-click if you wish. Then we create a Lead Magnet to capture prospects’ contact information and nurture them with email marketing until they’re ready to buy. You receive these benefits:

  • Increase your business easily. Everything is done for you.
  • No more boom and bust. You get a steady stream of qualified leads every month.
  • Know the exact return your internet marketing is bringing you.

See our customers’ websites, and what they say about us. We know what content to put on your website to ease your prospects’ pain, solve their problems, and get them to contact you. And we know how to write content that is clear, direct, and compelling. See my article “37 Copywriting Tips That Will Increase Your Sales Today”. And we help you target your most profitable niche.

#1 Amazon Best Selling Book on Internet Marketing

Ken Lapp, President of Standard Marketing, recently published a book on Internet Marketing that was a Number One Amazon Best Seller in three different categories.

Although the book is written for real estate agents, the principles on getting top Google rankings and bringing in new clients are the same for any website. Get a FREE copy of the book by visiting this page of our website.

Proven Internet Marketing Solutions

Where would you like to start? Please select the page below of most interest.

  1. Marketing strategy and targeted messaging to tell your prospects what they want to hear.
  2. Top organic rankings on Google brings large numbers of customers to your website.
  3. World-class website gets prospects to buy now, or at least give you their contact information.
  4. Video production educates and pre-sells them.
  5. Pay per click advertising to get leads today.
  6. Logo and branding to give your prospects confidence in you.

Our staff has worked in all kinds of Marketing and Advertising since 1971 in every type of industry for clients large and small, including the Hudson’s Bay Company, Army & Navy Department Stores, and Tourism BC. Contact us today for a FREE 30 Minute Consultation.

Vancouver Internet Marketing Clients

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Ken, You were both informative and inspiring to our team today. You have clearly mastered your chosen terrain of marketing in a very thorough and thoughtful way.

– Arden Henley, Principal, Canadian Programs, City University of Seattle


Ken, you were terrific with shaping our marketing messages and our web content. I was impressed with the attention to detail, the collaboration, and the final output. You took the time to understand my business and it was reflected in the product.

Christine Ruptash, Vice-President,


I found Standard Marketing on Google. Mr. Lapp quickly saw right to the heart of my issue. I received realistic input on what to do, and what order to do them.

Ken is knowledgeable and organized. Our consultation saved me a lot of time and expense. He is a genuine professional who prompts his clients to take action in the right direction. I recommend him to anyone wanting to move forward on their project.

– David Victor Graham, West Coast Artist